Sober holidays sound challenging, but they don’t have to be. For many people, sober living is a challenge that first year – the first step of holidays can be difficult to navigate. That’s why it is important to have help and support along the way. At Harmony Hills, we are here for you whenever you are struggling with your sobriety. Yet, there may be some things you can do to make these holidays just as enjoyable.

Recognize the Importance of Sober Holidays

The first step is to know the value of sober living. You worked hard through your addiction therapy and treatment. You did the hard work to help your body and mind heal from years of drug and alcohol use. You did the work of healing physically and overcoming mental health challenges. It’s worth it because now you have:

  • A clear mind
  • New opportunities
  • Improved relationships
  • The ability to achieve anything
  • The tools to remain healthy

Enjoying sober holidays is possible because of all of the hard work you’ve put into the process. Now, you have the ability to be here with your family, improving your future with the help of a substance abuse treatment center

Make It Clear What Your Goals Are

One of the more difficult aspects of sober holidays is helping other people to see that you do not want to be around drugs and alcohol. Here’s one step to remember. If they cannot support you in this process, you do not want them to be a part of your holidays. That’s hard to come to understand, but it can be critical. Your health needs to be a priority.

Let others know what you plan to do this year to continue your sober living. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

Plan Your Own Event or Celebration

If going to family parties is going to be difficult for you, why not throw your own? When you do, you get to control who is there and what types of food are present. You also can eliminate the risks by not allowing drugs or alcohol at your event. This is an excellent way to create a positive experience.

Give Back This Holiday

If you are having trouble dealing with sober holidays in their current form, why not make them something else? For example, instead of giving expensive gifts to those who will not care about them, give back. Go to a residential treatment program and tell your story. Let other people struggling with drugs and alcohol know just how much work you’ve put into this process and how much it is worth it. By offering other people hope and encouragement, you create the opportunity for your own better outcome.

Recognize Your Needs and Risks

It’s also important to make sure you take care of yourself during sober holidays. That is, you need to recognize when you need some help. If there is stress or trauma that weighs on you or feels the pressures of mental health concerns, now is a perfect time to reach out for help. Know that you may be able to get a bit of extra help to get you through these sober holidays from our team at Harmony Hills. Ask us about our therapy options, including:

Find the Support You Need at Harmony Hills

Even with the best of intentions, sober living is hard to do. You’ll feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to feel alone. When you are struggling with sober holidays, reach out to our team at Harmony Hills for help. Our professionals are here to guide and support you every step through this process. Call 855.494.0357 to learn more.

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